Village Name Update

Based on the feedback given in the poll posted here, I will be going with the pinyin of 土橋村, Tuqiao Village, as the name of Xiaobao and Juan-Juan’s village in my future translation, then. Since it seemed to be a landslide victory, I have closed the poll. Thank you to everybody that participated!

I’ve edited chapter 1 of volume 1 in Great Tang Idyll to reflect this change as well as added a footnote with the translated meaning of the name. Going forward, this pinyin name will not be annotated in future chapters.

For those who might be disappointed that this is not another chapter release, I’m sorry but the next chapter should be released on schedule on Friday (which is technically next month) on July 1st. At the very least, I am happy that I have managed to keep up my schedule for publishing chapters this month since I was super worried there for a while that I wouldn’t be able to meet it (the gory details here). In addition, I will be making great effort to post chapters more frequently than what I have set in the schedule so hopefully, July will be a good month for everyone, too! 😀