Emergency Update: Possible Delay

This is an update to warn that my plans for releasing at least two translated chapters of Great Tang Idyll per week might have a huge setback due to an emergency that arose suddenly.

Long story short, there were hurricane force winds that came by along with a hail storm that smashed the house and knocked the wireless internet antenna down. This means that I have been without internet for over a week. I couldn’t even have dial-up as I don’t have a residential phone line and I live in such a rural area that the wireless antenna is basically the only cost-effective, feasible consumer choice so having the antenna being knocked out of whack and thus dooming me to be without internet will always be a possibility.

What made it worse was that my translation text is saved in Google Drive, mostly to provide data redundancy in case I have a catastrophic hard drive failure, which is entirely feasible since I use an ancient computer. But it meant that in this situation, I couldn’t even do any offline translation since the source text wasn’t available to me during the time that I was not able to go online. The only reason any chapters came out on time was because I had built up a backlog for cases like this. But because the internet outage I experienced was a lot longer than I had anticipated, I might have a situation where my backlog might run out before I can pump out newly translated chapters. Especially since there are other demands on my time that I can’t just ignore since they put food on my table so I can continue… living.

So even though I want to reliably release translated chapters at least twice a week, I might not be able to promise it. Still, I will try to make sure the schedule I set for myself is kept to. I am simply warning that there might be delays in release. However, if there are, I will confirm the delay. Right now, this is simply advance warning of the possibility.

I just literally got back online after the ISP technician fixed the antenna back in place on the roof. Since I lost connection just before this site went live, everything was automated with a lot of the manual fiddling still to be done so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Sorry and thank you for your patience, whatever audience I might have (even though I am likely talking to thin air right now). Hopefully, this is just me being an alarmist and will turn into a cry wolf situation and the delays don’t actually materialize… 🙂


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    • Thanks for your well wishes!

      Yeah, I don’t live in an area where there’s a monsoon season, which is why we got ambushed by nature. We really lucked out though in comparison to some of the neighbors. It was pretty much like a mini-tornado had wandered around the neighborhood, even though it ended up not being classified as a tornado or even as a hurricane.


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