Village Name Preference

I am reviewing some of the terms I’ve already translated for Great Tang Idyll in order to try to standardize them in order to try to make my job easier and allow me to translate faster if I have a glossary. The village that Xiaobao and Juan-Juan are located in is called “Tu Qiao Cun” (土橋村), which I have chosen to translate as the Earth Bridge Village. But I am wondering what people would prefer in this case since a lot of the place names that will be mentioned I will be using the pinyin for because they are real life geographical or historical locations so it might be incongruous to use a translated name instead of the pinyin. So I am wondering if I should change it to the pinyin for this fictional village in order to match up with the other place names. Since tu/土 can also mean “dirt” or “soil,” I have provided a third word choice based off that translation as well. Please let me know what you guys prefer!


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