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However, if you are able to and wish to help, it is a cool thing to do for me as it gives me a motivational boost and allows me to focus that much more time to translating, which would probably lead to more frequent updates. Right now, I can only reasonably adhere to the posted schedule and anything else is just bonus. The money I receive would be going towards improving the site and giving money back to the original author by paying for the original Chinese raws as well as ensuring I can focus on translating.

Listed below are the ways you can support me:


The first (and most preferred) method is through monthly pledges with Patreon!

I prefer this way because I can easily create reward tiers for pledges of a certain amount and there is a platform already available through which I can readily disperse the rewards through without overly affecting the other readers. Becoming a patron would create a subscription charge of the amount that you promise at the beginning of the month on a recurring basis. The only disadvantage of this method is that if you only wish to make an one-time contribution, then you’d have to wait for the charge to go through at the beginning of the next month before canceling the pledge for the months after.


This is the second method you can support the site. This is a fundraiser set up to help get this site a domain of its own and web hosting for the future. If you only wish to make an one-time contribution without worrying about manually cancelling out a monthly pledge, then this way is one of the most convenient. You won’t need to sign up for an account in order to contribute but if you sign up for a Crowdrise account, you can earn reward points with your contribution that you can use to save up and get some pretty cool stuff with.


Google Wallet

If you prefer to send money directly to me, then you can send it to my Gmail account through Google Wallet, which you can access through Google Payments. To try to avoid spam, I will simply give out the username before the portion of the email address and that is: solitaryidler. Please add a note stating that this is for novel translations or for Xianren Online as well as the novel title. The benefit of this method is that if you already have funds within your Google Wallet, there is no extra fee for you to send the money. The weakness is that it’s only available as a payment method for readers in the United States.



If you wish to use PayPal as a funding method, you now can sponsor extra chapters. All contributions will be added to a general pool and when the goal is met, a chapter will be queued that I will schedule for release the following month. The reason for this is to ensure that I am able to fulfill the promised chapter while managing my workload. However, please note that this method of support will not make you eligible for the rewards that Patreon users receive so if you wish to receive rewards like the advance previews, you will need to become a monthly patron through Patreon. You will still get added to the Hall of Donors though.

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If you wish to tip me using cryptocurrency, I accept those as well. The currencies I accept are Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. The benefit of sending funds this way is that you can buy them in your own country’s currency and you can make micropayments without having punitively high currency exchange or transaction fees. The disadvantage is that using cryptocurrency might be intimidating or confusing for beginners to use. But I am still offering this option for those readers who do use and wish to spend them as tips here.


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If you do a lot of shopping through Amazon and wish to support me without paying anything more than what you’re already paying for stuff that you’re going to buy, then please buy your stuff through this link here. In the future, I might provide recommendations, too. Thank you!