This is a blog set up to host my translation projects for Chinese web novels that I enjoy. I’m able to fluently read and write as well as speak in Chinese so I am not a machine translator. I do the translations mostly because one, I’m a fan of the novel and I wish to share it with an audience that normally wouldn’t be able to read the novel; two, to maintain my level of reading comprehension and to deepen my understanding of Chinese as it’s a lot easier to skim the text while I’m just reading while translating requires deeper thought and deliberation from me on the meaning of the words; and three, translating and putting it on the web allows me to learn new things too since in researching to make sure I am providing the correct information for an audience means I solidify my existing cultural knowledge and correct any previously incorrect misconceptions I might have had.

I tend to read chuanyue/穿越 and chongsheng/重生 novels, AKA the dimensional travel and reincarnation/revival genres. I do enjoy the xianxia/仙俠 (immortal heroes), xuanhuan/玄幻 (eastern fantasy), and gaming genres too. Because my enjoyment of the original novel feeds my interest in translation, the projects I choose will usually be completed or nearly completed novels—mostly to avoid the rollercoaster ride of a novel whose quality is variable depending on its popularity, author burnout, and fan service levels or cases where the author abruptly ends or abandons the novel for whatever reason.


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