This is a listing of the translation projects I am working on and their status.

Main Projects

Great Tang Idyll by Pastoral Idyll

Idler’s Synopsis: A con-man and policewoman that are legends of their respective professions suddenly die and are reincarnated into the Tang dynasty of ancient China as little more than kids. Accepting their second chance and forced restart, they choose to use the modern knowledge and specific talents that they have from their previous lives in order to live comfortably in this new life. Read about their adventures and their accomplishments as they shape the past that is now their future into their own!


3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi is it possible if you can tell me if the Great Tang Idyll is a harem or is it just one girl? On Novelupdates it says Loyal MC but we all know Novelupdate tags can be editted so i’m just confirming. Thank you

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