Great Tang Idyll

田園大唐 [TW]

Original Novel Information

Title: 田园大唐 / 田園大唐 / Great Tang Idyll
Author: 田园如梦 / 田園如夢 / Pastoral Idyll
Publisher: Qidian / Qidian.TW
Publication Status: Completed
Years of Publication: 2010 – 2013
Translation Status: In Progress

Author’s Introduction

The Great Tang countryside with the warm sunlight, the golden wheat, and white herons in flight.

Zhang Xiaobao: “I didn’t think my ability could change any great events. My thinking was simple—to change my family’s living conditions. But oftentimes, things don’t happen according to how you think it will. As I was working to improve my family’s living conditions, a lot of things happened. How do you say, hmm… Simply put, it was the butterfly effect? No, no, no, this metaphor is a bit too flashy. Crudely put, I am the rat turd dropped inside the pot.”

Wang Juan: “Ever since I came to this era together with an International Criminal Swindler, I declare that this world no longer has any swindlers.”


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6 thoughts on “Great Tang Idyll

  1. Hi, is it possible if you can provide me the link you use for raws? Some raw chapters in some websites are missing and mixes up chapters. Just wondering if the raws you are using have correct chapters.


    • I provide the link to the official raws from Qidian on this page up above where I list the original title of the novel, which is what I use. Any other raws are pirated so that’s why you’re encountering that issue with the misnumbered or missing chapters.


      • You can read the free chapters without an account but yes, you would need a Qidian account and pay for points to read the VIP chapters. The 1st volume of the novel is free and the VIP pay wall only comes up in the last quarter of the 2nd volume.

        My translation is currently only in the 1st volume so I am using the Qidian text as a source. Since you asked me what my current source was when you expressed such concern that there could be errors in the Chinese raws that I am using, you should rest assured. There may still be the occasional typo but they would be honest mistakes of the author’s and not an artifact from the leeching process.

        P.S. It sounds like your questions are of the type that are either spoilery and/or require a longer back and forth conversation. I would prefer that you move this conversation elsewhere because you’re commenting on one of the intro page for the novel. I would like to not have spoiler discussions right smack dab in the center for everyone who might not be able to read ahead to see. There is a reason I am moderating comments. Also, I have a contact form available as well if you really need me to answer something.


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