Complications with my Housing Situation

I apologize for my absence.

I’ve been busy trying to find a housing replacement ever since my friend, who has been putting me up temporarily and is a living saint, informed me his girlfriend/fiancée was moving in so he no longer had room for me. I found a solution in which I reached out to an estranged relative who said they would help. However, the situation got complicated in that the relative helping me is not actually the owner of the property and apparently the relative who has partial ownership and is also living there is not happy with offering me even temporary housing, despite knowing that their refusal to help will possibly lead to homelessness or death for me. They said this as a vaguely veiled threat in response to my request that we mutually respect each other’s privacy after their repeated demands of me to not enter their room even though I had already assured them I would be sticking to the living room area since I would be camping out on the couch. (I can somewhat understand their paranoia but at the same time, it is freaking annoying to try to find various ways to tell someone, “I’m not interested in prying into your stuff!”) It is also rather frustrating that they are reluctantly agreeing to putting me up on the couch but at the same time, hint that they would not be adverse to suddenly kicking me out if I do anything to displease them. So the instability has not really been very helpful in my mental stability.

My translations require clarity of mind on my part because my editing process is rather long, especially because Great Tang Idyll is an alternate history novel with references that I do like to explain so readers aren’t lost on some of the deeper meanings or cultural context. However, the sudden volatility of my housing situation has made it difficult for me to settle down to do the translations. I’m hoping to have better news to give and am still working on the next chapter in between the spare time I can squeeze out in between packing and taking on freelance jobs to try to save up money for emergency purposes. Naturally, my lack of self confidence because I have had a series of mental breakdowns and history of depression as well as my lack of medical coverage and stable residence don’t really help me with being able to earn enough money to live on my own with food, utilities, and the Internet.

Basically, I’m really freaking sorry but my life is still in chaos and part of the drama is not in my control.

The next chapter is still in the process of being translated. I will aim to release it soon. I had thought it would be a lot sooner until this drama with my relatives started a few weeks ago. The uncertainty of my future also has delayed my transfer of this site to the new site.

I just wanted to update you all so you all can know why I have been incommunicado. I really do not wish for this to affect you guys at all but it has.


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  1. The novel you are translating has unique and fresh elements that readers will appreciate. Here’s my advice: get into gear and start pumping out chapters, keep forging ahead until you have established a good record of regular releases, then join a group like WuxiaWorld and keep translating. With the current popularity of translated Chinese web novels, as long as you can get the confidence of your readers by delivering quality content on a regular basis, then there won’t be a lack of fans willing to support you financially. I really think this is a path that can potentially resolve some of your troubles. Fight on!

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    • Thanks for your advice. I’m trying to get to the step where I can pump out the chapters. It’s just exceedingly difficult to do so when the issue of a roof over my head much less food on the table is added on top of my concerns. I will keep trying though.

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    • Yeah, me too. It is starting to look like the move to the next place will be for only a few weeks at best while I scramble for a more permanent solution. Of course, all of this instability is not going to help with my freelance work, which is how I mainly support myself right now, much less my translations. Ugh, I just hate that I end up breaking my word because of this drama.

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  2. though i have no rights to say so but you should not let problems to effect your mentallity.i know it s easy to say hard to do so,but when your mentality s effected by stress and bleakness of future prospects will result in your being unable to see potential answers to your problems.this can be seen as optimistic or insulting to you atm but dont let others and especially your own negative thoughts to become a burden on your mind cus you r already under heavy pressure and u yourself increase that pressure by minding everyone and everything around you.

    your translation so far was quite good and im one of the readers who apreciate your efforts to still trying your hardest to tl even if its a single chapter.but i rather have u take a hiatus -for example 6 months- erase the pressure of translation from your mind,when u finally stabilize your living situation u can restart again and im sure everyone who read ll continue to follow your blog for tangyl.well my english sucks sorry about that though:D

    i hope u can restore your mentality first so that stress and mental breakdowns dont destroy your body before it s too late.dont forget my friend feeling responsible or loving your tl – as job or hobby doesnt matter- has meaning only if u r healthy.GOOD LUCK

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    • I really appreciate your long comment and your advice.

      I will definitely try to maintain my health. I am still very bad at prioritizing so I end up going to extremes and not taking care of myself, which ends up with me further from my goals than I wanted to be. I really do want to avoid a full out hiatus even though I’m currently in a stop and go one right now because of my rough situation– mostly because I feel that if I lose any more momentum, I’ll never pick up the pace.

      Thank you again for commenting and reading! 🙂


  3. Have you thought about translating for Qidian International?

    They offer $35-$40 per chapter.

    I would recommend 重生完美时代
    (Rebirth to the Perfect Era)

    It was #8 on the Monthly Ticket Ranking for March.
    Currently #13 on the Monthly Ticket Ranking for April.

    I’m pretty sure it would be very popular in the West.


    • I will have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I’m still in the process of moving and I don’t know how long it will take to get settled in, especially with how shaky my replacement housing solution turned out to be. I hope to be producing translations by next week though.


  4. Hey thanks for actually letting us know whats happening even if you can’t release anything, I appreciate the respect and forethought you give your readers. A few other options for your housing situation; AirBNB,, also maybe look into housesitting (where you live in someones house and keep it clean and secure while they are holidaying or otherwise not home). Finally where exactly are you living atm (like country and state) cause if you lived near one of your readers you could score a couch or something for a bit maybe haha. Anyway good luck getting back on your feet and settled down somewhere 🙂

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    • Thank you for your suggestions! I did look into the links you gave but to be able to translate at a level near normal, I’d probably need a situation that’s slightly less temporary. Of course, things are complicated that the current housing situation I’m dealing with entailed having to move to one of the most expensive cities to live in though there was no other alternative at the time.

      Anyway, I hope I get settled down too…


  5. I think your translations awesome is one of the best I have ever seen, you always give clear explanations that other translators don’t and it gives a HUGE help to someone like me, that other than novels and dramas has never had any contact with Chinese culture and/or history. Therefore, to me, you are the most awesome. Please don’t give up, I am sure that everything will work out for you.
    I wish you good luck and that you will soon find somewhere to settle.
    Thank you for your awesomeness.

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