Complications with my Housing Situation

I apologize for my absence. I've been busy trying to find a housing replacement ever since my friend, who has been putting me up temporarily and is a living saint, informed me his girlfriend/fiancée was moving in so he no longer had room for me. I found a solution in which I reached out to … Continue reading Complications with my Housing Situation


Happy Year of the Rooster!

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Rooster's year in 2017. I apologize as there is no release for Great Tang Idyll today. However, this is because I pulled the trigger on buying a domain and hosting. Mostly, this is because I just discovered that the random internet stranger stealing content from all of the other … Continue reading Happy Year of the Rooster!

I might become homeless

I wish I could wish everyone a happy New Year right now but I am basically facing a situation where I might be homeless in a few months because my friend who had generously offered a temporary roof over my head got engaged and having his girlfriend moving in with him after her lease is … Continue reading I might become homeless

Please wait for a mega post

My wisdom teeth have been bothering me again. I think they are affecting my inner ear balance because I have been getting dizzy spells that leave me unable to sit up without getting extremely lightheaded and disoriented. At least, I think that’s what’s causing them... Because of this, my translations went off schedule again. So … Continue reading Please wait for a mega post

Explanation and Schedule Change

I'm very sorry about the extreme absence. My one instance of sickness created a domino effect where I had to play catch up to make my monthly budget but I didn't wait long enough to recover so I ended up burning out again. Then, in trying to do enough work so I could save up … Continue reading Explanation and Schedule Change

Regular schedule resuming Wednesday

Thank you for your patience! I will be able to resume the regular release schedule starting on Wednesday. I was feeling rather badly so I couldn't do both my freelance work and translation during that time. I will try to make up for the chapters that I missed while I was away ASAP. I just … Continue reading Regular schedule resuming Wednesday

Emergency Update: Possible Delay

This is an update to warn that my plans for releasing at least two translated chapters of Great Tang Idyll per week might have a huge setback due to an emergency that arose suddenly. Long story short, there were hurricane force winds that came by along with a hail storm that smashed the house and … Continue reading Emergency Update: Possible Delay

Project Announcement

This blog is finally live! The web novel that I will be translating as my first translation project will be 田园大唐 (Traditional: 田園大唐) by 田园如梦 (Traditional: 田園如夢) as posted on Qidian. It’s a web novel I enjoyed reading quite a bit so I look forward to translating it for those who don’t have the luxury of reading it in the original Chinese … Continue reading Project Announcement