Tip Jar

These are the tip jars that you can use to support this site using cryptocurrency. The currencies that I currently support are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. You can tip or donate any amount of your choice by scanning in the QR code corresponding to the currency you wish to use or click on the link to get the wallet address.

Currency Wallet Address QR Code
Bitcoin 1GLRLSt3gAuSYTV3yB7rpxqZrXuC43PpR4 qr-bitcoin
Litecoin LgrPyFZ7NjGVgohwF8k9u4wZp3awgbRVg2 qr-litecoin
Dogecoin DNM9B1osTLdhXxpUY2SzcX7NwPTBQMSBNP qr-dogecoin

Thank you!