Hall of Donors

This is the page thanking and acknowledging all of the people who have donated money in support of me and this site!

Regardless of how much you have given, I sincerely thank you for your help!

Thank You!

Name Platform Date Type Amount
R. Anzaldua Crowdrise 07/08/2016 One-Time $10.00
Jacques L. Patreon 08/09/2016 Recurring $5.00
Jacques L. PayPal 08/11/2016 One-Time $10.00
Alex T. PayPal 08/18/2016 One-Time $40.00
Kirindas PayPal 08/19/2016 One-Time $15.00
Ingro Patreon 08/30/2016 Recurring $5.00
Andrew K. PayPal 09/08/2016 One-Time $60.00
JFoong PayPal 09/08/2016 One-Time $15.00
This could be your name! Every little bit counts!