I might become homeless

I wish I could wish everyone a happy New Year right now but I am basically facing a situation where I might be homeless in a few months because my friend who had generously offered a temporary roof over my head got engaged and having his girlfriend moving in with him after her lease is up. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough savings to guarantee being able to rent anything on my own at my current income. So though I am happy for him, it is also a bummer for me because I don’t know where to go.

I just need a couple of days to come up with a workable plan because needless to say, I am a bit distracted by the looming prospect of homelessness to do anything.

I apologize for all this real life drama that is causing all these interruptions to the schedule and I am upset that I don’t have chapters of Great Tang Idyll for you guys right now. I will do my best to resume a regular release by the end of this week/beginning of next week.


6 thoughts on “I might become homeless

  1. What a hectic life you have there, hope that you can relax soon and that your problems stop and get resolved~ ^^.

    — Good luck and wish you well~!

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