Please wait for a mega post

My wisdom teeth have been bothering me again. I think they are affecting my inner ear balance because I have been getting dizzy spells that leave me unable to sit up without getting extremely lightheaded and disoriented. At least, I think that’s what’s causing them... Because of this, my translations went off schedule again. So … Continue reading Please wait for a mega post


Village Name Update

Based on the feedback given in the poll posted here, I will be going with the pinyin of 土橋村, Tuqiao Village, as the name of Xiaobao and Juan-Juan's village in my future translation, then. Since it seemed to be a landslide victory, I have closed the poll. Thank you to everybody that participated! I've edited … Continue reading Village Name Update

Village Name Preference

I am reviewing some of the terms I've already translated for Great Tang Idyll in order to try to standardize them in order to try to make my job easier and allow me to translate faster if I have a glossary. The village that Xiaobao and Juan-Juan are located in is called "Tu Qiao Cun" (土橋村), which I have chosen … Continue reading Village Name Preference