Happy Year of the Rooster!

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Rooster's year in 2017. I apologize as there is no release for Great Tang Idyll today. However, this is because I pulled the trigger on buying a domain and hosting. Mostly, this is because I just discovered that the random internet stranger stealing content from all of the other … Continue reading Happy Year of the Rooster!


I might become homeless

I wish I could wish everyone a happy New Year right now but I am basically facing a situation where I might be homeless in a few months because my friend who had generously offered a temporary roof over my head got engaged and having his girlfriend moving in with him after her lease is … Continue reading I might become homeless

Holiday Update

Not enough sorries or groveling in the world can apologize enough for my lack of chapters!!!!! Orz Keep your eyes peeled for more chapters for the holidays! I am still proofreading. A multitude of factors converged to explain for my continued hiatus. The most memorable one being that at one point, I overdrafted my checking … Continue reading Holiday Update

Please wait for a mega post

My wisdom teeth have been bothering me again. I think they are affecting my inner ear balance because I have been getting dizzy spells that leave me unable to sit up without getting extremely lightheaded and disoriented. At least, I think that’s what’s causing them... Because of this, my translations went off schedule again. So … Continue reading Please wait for a mega post

Explanation and Schedule Change

I'm very sorry about the extreme absence. My one instance of sickness created a domino effect where I had to play catch up to make my monthly budget but I didn't wait long enough to recover so I ended up burning out again. Then, in trying to do enough work so I could save up … Continue reading Explanation and Schedule Change

Regular schedule resuming Wednesday

Thank you for your patience! I will be able to resume the regular release schedule starting on Wednesday. I was feeling rather badly so I couldn't do both my freelance work and translation during that time. I will try to make up for the chapters that I missed while I was away ASAP. I just … Continue reading Regular schedule resuming Wednesday

Leecher Rant

If you are visiting from a site that hosts a lot of light novel translations (I will not link to them because I refuse to give them traffic), then please stop reading Great Tang Idyll on that site. It hosts an incomplete version of my translation anyway. The closest I will get to linking them … Continue reading Leecher Rant