Great Tang Idyll – Prologue

I enjoyed reading this novel and I hope that my translations will allow people to get the same level of enjoyment out of it that I did reading it. Please bear with me as I continue to improve in my translation skills. Also, I tend to like explaining too much so I’ve done my best to cut that out and keep my footnotes short. But sometimes, I can’t control the urge to elaborate on something so please don’t be frightened away by the length of my footnotes. XD I have isolated it from the reading text and they should be optional to read anyway for the most part. 😛 Please let me know in the comments if you catch any mistakes or errors or just have some feedback to give.

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10 thoughts on “Great Tang Idyll – Prologue

  1. I don’t know if this is helpful, or if you care, but in comment 13 it’s “…a universal…” Instead on “…an universal…”
    I believe that’s it’s based on the sound that the next word starts with(and wether it’s a vowel), not the actual letter.

    An vs. a in the wrong place is one of my pet peeves.

    Thanks for posting, this seems like a story I’ll have to finish before I can sleep.

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    • No, thank you! It is nice to have an error pointed out since sometimes I have proofread and re-read it too many times to be able to notice mistakes like that.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the translation otherwise! 🙂


    • The name itself just means “little treasure,” which is what babies tend to be called in Chinese. I don’t recall there being any references to Jin Yong’s novel ever in this novel but it’s possible that Jin Yong’s popularity created an archetype of such a character and this is just a shade of that.

      However, I think the author chose the name because of how hilarious it is to have a grown man named in such a way. It’s a pretty hard name to live down since it’s overly cutesy.


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