Holiday Update

Not enough sorries or groveling in the world can apologize enough for my lack of chapters!!!!! Orz

Keep your eyes peeled for more chapters for the holidays! I am still proofreading.

A multitude of factors converged to explain for my continued hiatus. The most memorable one being that at one point, I overdrafted my checking account because of crappy timing when it came to receiving payment for my freelance jobs and then it ultimately led to my bank account being frozen. That took me a while to dig my way out of so I couldn’t really focus on translating during that time. It really sucked. Probably because I couldn’t eat properly and that wasn’t helping my health situation. I didn’t really update during that time because I didn’t want to make another post complaining about this stuff and would rather my next post be an actual chapter.

I am currently in that awkward place where translating is a hobby that I’d like to expand into something I can devote more time to but I don’t currently have the resources to treat it like a full-time job even though I want to. So it is such a delicate balance that anything can throw it off. Sickness and unexpected expenses aside, stuff like mental exhaustion because my brain is too fried from work to even focus on translating can get in the way too. It makes downtime necessary so I can’t even process language properly, much less translate with any quality at all.

I am very grateful that you guys have mostly been so very supportive in general. I have been trying to figure out ways to be efficient while not skimping on the contextual stuff that is interesting and adds to the reading experience without going too crazy with the footnotes. I will need to start experimenting with some things so that you guys can get something to read even if life suddenly gets crazy for me. Would it be better for you guys if I were to pick up a side project that is an easy translation (and not historical fiction so I don’t need to take extra time to look up stuff for research ;_;) for you guys to read in between the wait for chapters of Great Tang Idyll? What do you guys think?


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  1. Hmm… Honestly, I don’t mind the wait for the chapters of Great Tang Idyll if the side project will consume more time for you, with what’s happening in you RL an all, you won’t need to push yourself harder for the side project but if the side project is really easy for you to do and is enjoyable then why not?

    — Well, Welcome back ^^

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    • Yeah, my worry over the side project ending up making things worse has been what has prevented me from doing so. But at the same time, because of the historical setting, research is something I end up having to factor into the timetable for translations of Great Tang Idyll. So I wonder if doing a not so research heavy side project will help ease the wait sometimes and make a change of pace.

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      • Then just try it for a bit, a 2-3 chapter teaser? then decide if you want to continue it or not. other translators do that sometimes, it’s not like you need to continue it when you translate a few chapters of it, lol.

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      • Yeah, although I am also well aware that my editing runs tend to be about cutting down on going crazy with the footnotes because I am like Father Zhang in that I like geeking out and explaining stuff a tad toooo much… So even a side project where it is a light read, I might seriously end up looking up and footnoting anyway.

        I will get through this holiday release first though before I decide.


  2. Welcome back!
    Please take care of yourself and about the translations i was just too happy from from seeing a chapter of tang idyll..
    Thank you for translating this novel…

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