Please wait for a mega post

My wisdom teeth have been bothering me again. I think they are affecting my inner ear balance because I have been getting dizzy spells that leave me unable to sit up without getting extremely lightheaded and disoriented. At least, I think that’s what’s causing them… Because of this, my translations went off schedule again. So I will be putting out a bunch of chapters in a mega post to be released in a couple of days. It won’t be enough to make up for all of the chapters I owe you guys but hopefully, it’ll make for a longer read than just a single chapter.

Sorry, my health seems to be acting up nowadays but I swear that I’m normally not the sickly type. 囧rz


12 thoughts on “Please wait for a mega post

  1. Hopefully you get well~ ^^.

    I’m getting worried for you with what your status reports always having a negative or trouble …
    I wish you a good health~! Whew~!

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