I’m sorry! I had a relapse when I pulled an all-nighter to finish a freelance job… And I crashed…

I overestimated my stamina in thinking that I could play catch up on both my freelance work and translations and only affected you guys more. I will have to take a few days off so I can concentrate on doing the freelance jobs because I can’t refuse those if I want to make a living before I can turn my attention back to translation since I currently finish chapters in between jobs. Once I can get my budget to a point where I have more breathing room in regards to my freelance work, I can hope to make up for the chapters I missed. I’m so sorry!!!!

The delay caused by my relapse means that I will have to aim to resume the regular release schedule by next Friday. I’m so, so sorry to you all, my readers. 😦 I promise I will make it up to you guys.


17 thoughts on “Relapse

  1. Well, I actually caught a flu just last week from over fatigue affecting my body so can’t really say anything ’bout your relapse, lol.

    So busy this month that I haven’t gotten the time to comment in the updated chapters, hope you do well ^^.

    — Thanks for the chapters~ ^^. (belated, lol).

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    • Thanks… I’ve been busy trying to clear my work schedule for a time period so I can at least focus full-time on translations temporarily for to make up for the missed chapters. It’s frustrating how a slight illness can cause such a domino effect. 😦

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    • No, I’m trying to clear out some space in my schedule so I can solely concentrate on translating this novel for at least 2 weeks but it means that I have to do more freelance work than usual to make up for it. Sorry about the delay but I will be back with more chapters soon!

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  2. Don’t feel bad about it. Your health is always first, and your work is always more important than your hobbies. You don’t need to apologize; we are thankful for your work so far. The quality has been great, and the foot notes very nicely done.

    Don’t bother replying to people who still ask for quick releases even after you tell them your money for living expenses is at stake. Such selfish readers aren’t worthy of your time.

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