Great Tang Idyll – v1-c025

Forcibly Raise Money To Sell To You

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“There really are chicks coming out.” Following that voice, six people stood in the doorway. One of them was a person with a protruding belly, with a perpetual smile on his face. The other one had a lowered head and bent waist.1 The remaining four were blocked off to the back and could only been seen slightly—they seemed to be guards or footmen and the like.

Song Jing-gong had already lost control and seeing that there were more people coming to see the chicks, his smile was no longer that natural as he stood in the way there and said: “It’s just for fun. It was actually done using a hen to brood it and then, brought over on top of the kang [bed-stove].”

“You are…?” Not waiting for that person with the protruding belly to speak, the person by their side who had just been ingratiatingly smiling stuck out his chest, narrowing his eyes while looking toward Song Jing-gong as he asked.

“I’m not worthy—a Juren surnamed Song, name of Jing-gong.” Song Jing-gong, knowing that he couldn’t show timidity at this time, raised his head as he spoke.

“Oh, just a Juren. I’d thought a Valedictorian arrived, ~ne! Boss, let us go inside to look more closely.” This person scoffed once before transforming back into that deferential appearance, causing anyone seeing this to sigh at the sight.

This boss strode inside and even casually grunted, not even sparing a look at Song Jing-gong. The four people behind him also entered one after another, squeezing into this room until there was no room.

When they had come near, it just so happened that another chick had smashed open the shell to struggle outward, ~ne. This boss’ eyes immediately lit up. He wasn’t a fool, either, and understood that this method was the most important—the chicks simply didn’t matter.

“Old Father, didn’t we reach an agreement just now? Leave this matter to me.” Song Jing-gong also turned around and when facing the old man, he waggled his eyebrows and blinked his eyes while using his hands to mime counting money.

The old man seemed to not have seen Song Jing-gong’s gesture and didn’t even respond to his words but faced the newly arrived people as he said: “This sir,2 you [honorific] see, this was all done by my daughter-in-law. As long as eggs are placed on top of this kang [bed-stove], after a few days, chicks will come out.”

“Oh? It’s not this easy, right?” This boss beamed while gazing at the old man as he asked, his words carrying a hint of a threatening intent.

“This little old boy3 doesn’t know. It was all handled by my daughter-in-law. Mister Song, what were you saying before?” The old man put on an appearance of not being afraid at all before turning his head to ask Song Jing-gong.

Song Jing-gong was this angry, ~ah. Once he saw the old man’s behavior, he understood. This old man was not a bit stupid. Perhaps, the one who had spread the news had been this family. The more people who set their eyes on this, then the more money that this family could make. Now, he no longer thought that this was a scam. Those chickens really had come out.

Seeing that the old man had pushed him forward, he wanted to refuse but he couldn’t bear giving up so could only be this villain. Wanting to make his own expression a bit more natural but discovering that it wasn’t feasible, he simply put on a stony face as he said:

“Old Father, I just now said that this matter would all be managed by me. By then, I’ll help you [honorific] sell the chicks. I wonder whether Old Father will agree or not?”

After Song Jing-gong finished speaking, he looked back to meet the gazes of those six people before turning his head around, not even wishing to see them.

“This house is the place that was said to be able to use whatever kang [bed-stove] to hatch chicks?” Just as the two groups of people were there working out their eyes, a voice rose from outside again.

“Mister, that is exactly so. This little one has asked around thoroughly. You [honorific], please go in.” This should be another servant as servants basically all spoke like this.

Sure enough, several people appeared in the doorway again. One of them was around 20 years old, having just come of age,4 his body clad in fluttery white clothing that appeared endlessly romantic and dashing.5 Seeing that there was already no standing room within the room, his brow creased slightly. That person by his side then spoke up and said: “Anyone alive, come out. Don’t you see my family’s Mister has arrived?”

“Unh-humph! Xiaowu,6 how can you speak thusly, ~ne. Could you have forgotten what Mister, I have normally taught you?” This mister didn’t speak out while Xiaowu had been speaking, only waiting until Xiaowu had finished speaking to feign being a good guy with a smile as breezy and light as the wind and clouds on his face.

Other than Yingtao and the other person that had followed, everyone else in the room were all a bit nervous. This Mister was not common, ~ah. Even Song Jing-gong felt that no matter how he faked it, he himself couldn’t fake putting on such airs.

The face veil-wearing Yingtao and the other person basically didn’t feel anything. To see an elegant demeanor, just look at their own Little Mister to know—that was what pretty should be called—with a white and plump appearance, big eyes that were pure and clean, two round dimples with a smile, speaking words that couldn’t be disobeyed. Within the command tent devising strategies that decide the victory within 1,000 li [mile] outside;7 after growing up a bit, which Mister could compare?

This was just great now. Three groups of people were gathered together, each finding the other to be eyesores. For the sake of allowing the latecomer Mister to enter the room to observe, the old man even drove out the footmen of that boss who had been second to arrive. After all, this was his home.

Of the chicks on top of the kang [bed-stove] now, five had already come out. The down on the body of the very first to come out had already dried as it chirped and made noise continuously. Yingtao hurriedly took out the rice soup that had been cooked in advance to feed it.

Seeing this situation, the three groups of people started discussions with the old man. This one said that they were willing to give 10 silver taels; that one said that they could use 100 bolts of silk to exchange for it—in short, they all wanted to obtain this method of hatching chicks with the kang [bed-stove].

The old man glanced at this one, and then glanced at that one, not making a sound as he smiled and waited there. The three groups of people kept on raising the price. When it had been raised to 200 taels of silver ingots,8 only Song Jing-gong still dared to bid. The others didn’t make a sound as those two groups of people believed that it wasn’t worth so much money. How many chickens had to be raised before this money could be earned back?

Just as Song Jing-gong was smugly congratulating himself, people started continuously arriving from outside again until a total of 10 or so groups of people had come to this place. Having seen that you really could use kang [bed-stove] to hatch chicks, there was a deep-pocketed person who opened up with 500 taels of white silver—didn’t even know what they were thinking.

Hearing it, Song Jing-gong was also dazed. To have him bring out so much money, he really couldn’t. At the same time, he was a bit jealous of this old man’s entire family. With so much silver, till which lifetime would they need to spend it, ~ah? Others of this kind of people were all still using things to barter for some commonplace items; if the old man’s entire family had so much money, perhaps they’d be in danger.

Seeing that there was no one raising the price again, the old man spoke up: “Everyone, I say, everyone, you are all wealthy people. This old man, I am not. What would I do with this much money? Lest it attracts a calamitous massacre, how about this? Those willing to pay with money can continue to bid; those unwilling to pay with money can also use items in exchange.

Silk, wheat, rice, millet, whether it be soybeans, radishes, horses, oxen, sheep, this kind of stuff—this old man, I can take it all. Then, we can calculate it as silver. Whoever gives the most, this old man, I will have my daughter-in-law sell the recipe for how to hatch chicks to them. Is that all right?”

When everybody heard this, the large majority retreated a bit. After all, it was too much money. If these 500 taels still couldn’t get it, then how much did they still want?

However, Song Jing-gong rejoiced in his heart. He had goods valued at 400 silver taels there, ~ne. Added on top were the 200 taels that he had borrowed as well as the 200 taels on hand that he had saved up from before so he could take out 800 taels. Other people might feel like this stuff wasn’t worth it but he didn’t think this way.

He was already prepared. As long as he could hatch chicks, then he could continue swindling. Within a few days, he would be able to borrow a sum of money once again.

Just as everybody prepared to continuing bidding, a person abruptly said: “Wait. I wish to ask. What if I buy this recipe and old man, you sell it again to someone else—then, what do I do?”

“Everyone can rest assured. This little old boy, I have already thought it through. At that time, we’ll find the brokerage people to insure it. Of course, if this recipe was leaked by whichever one of you, then don’t blame me. I can only do this in my own home here and have no power or influence so I can’t get too much of a big result.” The old man said at this moment.

Now, everyone was finally at ease thinking that a lone old man wouldn’t dare trick people. Otherwise, just eating the paddles9 could beat him to death. Everyone prepared to bid once again when at this time, the old man spoke again.

“Everyone, refrain from worrying. This little old boy has a method that can allow everyone not to break the facade.”

Everybody stopped to hear him speak.

“Child, ~ah, bring over a brush, ink, paper, and ink stone. Everyone, this method of this little old boy is for everyone to write down the money or items they wish to bring out on paper. Don’t let the others see. Then, give it all to me together. Whichever price that I see is highest, I’ll give to whichever person. How about it?”

The old man called out and a person from the two people there came out to take out the four treasures of the study that had been prepared in advance to allow these people write on there.

In the beginning, everyone had felt that this method was good. But who knew that when considering how much money or things to offer, they discovered that with this method, they had no way to guess on the others. If that price given was low, there’d be no recipe; if too high, wouldn’t it be a monetary loss?

Every single one couldn’t help secretly cursing this old man then—he’d actually thought of such a damaging move. But even if they clearly knew this was disadvantageous to them, they still had to write.

When one finished writing to switch to the next one, this person even pulled out that sheet of paper that had been the lining below for fear that the others would see a trace of it. It was good that everyone all knew a few characters and could write a few characters so there was no need to seek another person as a scribe.10

After a quarter-hour, all of the people had finished writing and stopped, handing the papers over to the old man, and then had been persuaded to wait outside by the old man.

Here, that other man from the manor began to flip through the papers to look at them. Finding one that was willing to pay 700 silver taels, this was the one with the highest price. Next was to take out that sheet of paper of Song Jing-gong’s. One look and Song Jing-gong actually wanted to give a bit less in money and had counted that 2,000 dan [stone] of carrots as 400 taels and he had added another 250 taels.

This person nodded his head, handing the paper over to the old man. Then, he quietly instructed a few more sentences as the old man took note of each one.

Outside, Song Jing-gong was also speaking with Songri Nigan. After all, the cargo on the boats belonged to the both of them.

“Songri Nigan, wait until after I’ve gotten the recipe and hatched the chicks, I’ll use the chicks to pay the bill. How’s that?” Song Jing-gong asked.

“Why not also give me a copy of the recipe?” Songri Nigan wasn’t stupid, either, as he wanted the recipe.

“You don’t understand here. You can continue coming here to get the chicks from me; I’ll sell cheaply to you. But if you bring it back, can you hold onto this recipe? How many people will be seeing red, ~ne? You there doesn’t compare to my being protected by the local authorities11 here.” Song Jing-gong argued, giving an analysis of the pros and cons.

Songri Nigan thought on it and it really was like this. So he nodded his head, which could be considered agreement.

Not long after, the old man came out and holding two sheets of paper in his hand, he said: “Everyone, the results have come out. Xinping City’s Owner Li this time is 700 silver taels.”

His words once spoken, the others inhaled sharply while Song Jing-gong’s heart grew cold. If he had known it’d be like this, he would have added a bit more money—that cargo originally wasn’t worth much money.

At this time, the old man said: “Alas, Owner Li was somewhat lacking a bit as Mister Song, with 2,000 dan [stone] of goods equal to 400 silver taels added to 350 silver taels for a total of 750 silver taels, bought the recipe.”

After his voice stopped, that Owner Li said with an ugly expression: “I’ll give 800 taels.”

“Owner Li, you [honorific] have spoken these words too late. If what you [honorific] had written down was 800 taels, then it’d naturally be given to you [honorific]. But perhaps, you [honorific] thought to…” The old man didn’t speak out loud the last words but everyone heard it and understood. Yes, ~ya, if they wanted to get less money, then how could they go back and still give you the recipe? Owner Li also knew that it wasn’t the time for him to say these words so after saying a sentence to take his leave, he hurriedly left.

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