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I hate to do this but there won’t be any chapters of Great Tang Idyll for the remainder of this month, which is for about a week or so. Releases will resume as normally scheduled at the beginning of August. When they do, I will make up for the delayed chapters that I owe then.

The reason I have to take the week off is twofold. One, I have to focus on freelance working double-time for the week so that I can actually feed myself and pay my bills. Otherwise, I won’t have enough stability in my life to keep living, much less translating.

Two, is because I am still too upset about the website that I shall not name that is stealing my content and passing it off as something they claim copyright on and/or something they are copying with my permission. Though I previously ranted about them, they are still continuing with their content theft and leeching. I know I should let it roll off my back and not let it affect me so much but it does. It is very, very, very disheartening to put all this work into translating and researching/verifying the chapters only for some random internet creep to just come by and yank it off of my blog to slap it on their own website (which, incidentally, has a whole bunch of other stolen content) and claim credit for it. They did not ask me for permission to do this and just assumed linking back to my blog would make it fine. It doesn’t make it fine and is even more of an insult considering that the leecher site claims copyright on all of the content it copies and is only doing the link back to the translator to cover their tracks and not out of the goodness of their hearts. It has been very upsetting and the measures I’ve tried to put up haven’t really worked. The problem, too, is that I am reluctant to do anything that will greatly inconvenience actual readers but it also means everything that I do is a minor inconvenience to the thief.

They know that it’s morally, ethically, and legally wrong. I know that because they have gone to great lengths to make sure that they can’t be reached and thus, avoid suffering any of the consequences of their actions. First of all, they paid CloudFlare to mirror their site– or at least, any IP trace of their domain dead-ends to CLoudFlare’s servers. This is an abuse of CloudFlare’s original purpose, which is to support sites and ensure they keep running even when dealing with sudden traffic spikes that would send an unprepared site crashing down. It is possible to get them off of CloudFlare’s servers by filing DMCA reports– it’s happened at least 3 times from what I can tell through my investigations but since they are giving CloudFlare money, CloudFlare will just take them back before long.

Second of all, there is no contact method for them other than through tightly moderated comments or a Facebook page. I’ve seen a few comments here or there that mentions the true nature of their site but those are invariably deleted later on. Basically, anything that breaks the illusion that the content leech’s site isn’t legitimate or being operated with the blessing of the all of the translators it is stealing from is not allowed. So you can’t really send them a DMCA or copyright infringement claim (contrary to popular belief, translators do own the copyrights of their translations– it is just that they don’t own the official license which is why translators will pull their translations off the web once informed that the licensing rights has been sold). The only other way of trying to notify their web host in order to get their site pulled is also unfeasible mostly because they are using CloudFlare to mask it and also, it appears to possibly be a Turkish company that has no English support and could care less.

Thirdly, if they claim to not be making any money off of their actions and are only doing this for the good of the readers or for the community, I call bullshit. It actively discourages translators because it is such a de-motivating thing to know that once you throw your chapter on there, someone’s going to snatch it away, strip any identifying markers of yours, and pass it off as their own. And it’s all with the easy click of a button for them since they’re doing it all through content scraping bots. What’s worse is that because they are pulling hundreds of novel translations from other translation sites of various sizes, they can get a very high rank in the search results and claim even more legitimacy that way when they are not the true content creators so a situation where I might get accused of stealing my own translation or their site supersedes mine in the search results could occur in the future.

In conclusion, I need to temporarily shift all of my time and focus on working for a living for a week but I also need some time to get over this emotional blow. The leecher has killed a lot of the enjoyment that I get out of from translating and I know I shouldn’t let them get to me like that but I need some time and distance to come to terms with the fact that they’re likely going to continue getting away with their bullshit. It just sucks that such a horrible piece of crap like that leech can exist–and not only, that, thrive on the internet. Other than reading and browsing the web, I don’t have any other habits or social life because all of my expenses are for food or for necessities and bills. Frankly, I can’t support anything more than that kind of basic lifestyle and my personality is naturally homebound to begin with. But a life like that can get super depressing and stressful for me. I started translating because I like knowing that I can share something with other people using something I am good at (at least I think so) and it is something that people can enjoy and it’s a positive experience for everyone. It is also a bit of a stress relieving activity because freelancing for a meager living isn’t fun and not really fulfilling. But this fucking leech decided that they wanted to kick me in the teeth because why not? They can because it’s the fucking internet and they’re fucking lazy dipshits! I am trying hard not to devolve into mindless cursing at this point but it is hard sometimes.

Long story short, I am taking the week off so I can make money freelancing to pay my bills and to feed myself as well as to get over the anger and resentment getting my translations stolen has made me feel since those feelings are getting in the way of my translating with any quality, causing my stress to skyrocket instead of relieving it. I apologize for disappointing the readers with this slight delay but I assure you that I will be making up for the chapters.


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  1. I’m not quite understand about all of this, but I’ll try to help you in giving some idea.
    All that I can think for now how about moving/creating another site?
    There are some translators that changed their sites to escape from those bastards.
    Or another idea like how about go to a translators site that’s similar to wuxiaworld?
    There you can also get more advertising since their traffics quite terrifying.


    • If I ever change my site, I would wish to make that move permanent as changing my site all the time just to avoid the content thieves is actually ineffective and counterproductive since they can just as easily keep watch over the updated URLs through Novel Updates and would likely only confuse the readers. Essentially, if I want to have my translations reach an audience, the content thief will come sniffing around once more.

      My issue with moving to a bigger translation site is I would have to give up more control of the project than I wish to. Though getting a cut of the advertising revenue might be tempting but it is essentially requesting to get a boss over me and I would have a lot less input on how the novel translation is portrayed on the site like what other novels are hosted (and their subject matter), the personalities of the people involved, and the ads used. It would be ceding control over too many things that I currently do have some ability to control.

      Plus, naturally growing my site would help me with ramping up my translation versus an artificial transplant of the novel to a higher traffic site where I would probably need to adjust to a much higher workload than I am able to do right now without it becoming a full-time job. Most likely, a move like that would mean unsustainable workloads for me before the money can even catch up, if there is any money at all. So far, there is very little money in translating this novel but that didn’t stop the content leech from stealing the chapters anyway.

      Thank you for the suggestions but the reasons I’ve stated are why it’s a catch-22 situation where I pretty much have to take the loss and can only deal minor inconveniences to them until I can either save up enough money to move to my own hosting so I can customize my site a lot more to fight it better or they finally get pulled down. But right now, I am still reeling too much from knowing my translation is being copied and pasted by someone else looking to profit off of it so since I also needed to temporarily focus on my freelance work to pay the bills, it is a week of no chapters.

      P.S. I deleted your double comment if you are wondering why it is gone. I moderate the comments because I am aware of some people who read ahead through machine translations and I want to avoid people putting spoilers in the comments since there is no easy way to mark a portion of a comment as spoilers.


  2. Btw I have another thing that could possible help you with the problem, though it’s not my idea, it seems like it would be effective where you would put text that sounds like your translation, but actively has the name of your site in it.. Someone else put song lyrics of some song interspersed into their translation, and some people put random text in there translation to make the stealing Bot copy it

    P.s. If it’s not that hard to read and distracts too much from the actual translation, I think us readers will be able to handle it, it’s not that hard for people to just read around it, we are already thankful that you take your time and effort to do these translation, and give us these relatively free, if it’s disheartening to you for your translations to be stolen, do something about it, we will probably support you

    Unless it’s like telling us to participate in a dos attempt ._. Or like having your translation stopped ._. Or maybe like making the translation into a cypher… Wait… That actually sounds like a good idea for some reason… Well that is all I have to say, and once again, thanks for the translation
    Oh and I also have a question, what did you mean by freelance work?

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    • Thanks, I will have to see… I just don’t want to make it difficult for readers to read my translation since that defeats the purpose of making my translations available for the public. So it’s why I need some time to get over it, I guess.

      To answer your last question, I don’t work a normal 9-5 job for a living. I work as a freelancer or a contract worker so I get paid per job rather than per hour or with a salary. It means that I’m technically self-employed so my income is contingent on how many jobs I can work and the scheduling of my time is really dependent on the nature of the job that I’m currently working on. There are a lot of reasons why I’m stuck in this situation right now that I don’t really want to go into but it’s how I pay my bills as of this time.


  3. I feel sorry for real (animal) leeches. These plagiarizing twits are insulting the little worms with their actions. It’s seriously a cruel thing to do to you. I started reading only a little while ago and I’ve LOVED your little masterpiece here, especially with all the wonderful factoids you throw in. I hope that this doesn’t keep you bummed for too long, no matter whether or not you keep translating. Stay strong and I wish you the best in your endeavors!

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    • Thanks. I started translating because I enjoy it and it’s at least contributing something positive. So it’s a bummer to see someone basically make it negative for me.

      I’ve mostly been working to meet my budget and getting myself to let go since hanging on to the anger is just going to make me bitter about translating in general. I should be okay soon…


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